• Kassandra

    This is a 30 x 40" commission I completed for a family from Canada. It’s one of my favorite paintings and I wish that I could keep it! Go to the Portraits section to take a closer look.

  • Peep Door

    "The (Artist) should not only (create) what he sees before his eyes, but also what he sees inside of himself." Casper David Friedrich - 19th Century

  • Sky High II

    A Lovely day in the park. Get a closer look at this piece in the Fine art section.

  • Cozumel III

    The weather was warm and settle a perfect setting for creating art.

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01 Apr

Vallejo’s Tucky McKey’s Love For The Arts Began When He Was Young

By Irma Widjojo/Times-Herald staff writer/ Originally printed on the front page of the Vallejo Times Herald on Feb 18th, 2014   Born in South Central Los Angeles, Tucky McKey couldn’t believe that one day his creations would be sought after by people from thousands of miles away. “It’s crazy,” McKey, 44, said. “I’m just here […]

31 Mar

MVP Sports Deli

Recently I was contacted by the owner of MVP Sports Deli, a restaurant located in Anchorage, Alaska. He had me re-design the logo in the image of himself and his wife….

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