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Caricature Artist For Marriage Proposal

While casually walking through the bay area with a beautiful view of the bay, you and your partner come across a Caricature Artist. He agrees to sketch you. After a few minutes of drawing and chatting, the Artist asks you to step away so he can add details. The pre-sketched proposal drawing is shown, your partner turns around in shock, and you are on your knee proposing.

Screenshot_20240609_203841_Yahoo Mail
Screenshot_20240609_203932_Yahoo Mail
Screenshot_20240609_203916_Yahoo Mail
Screenshot_20240609_203850_Yahoo Mail
Screenshot_20240609_204028_Yahoo Mail
Screenshot_20240609_203946_Yahoo Mail
Screenshot_20240609_203957_Yahoo Mail
Screenshot_20240609_203952_Yahoo Mail
Screenshot_20240609_203921_Yahoo Mail
Screenshot_20240609_203938_Yahoo Mail
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